Fast and Accurate Installation Made Easy

It is now very easy for professional workshops, amateurs and hobbiers to produce their woodworking projects by using Sablon manufacturing and assembly jigs. Minifix, T connector and Cross Dowel jigs are used for manufacturing and assembling the cabinets and closets. Hinge and Handle jigs are used for manufacturing and assembling the cabinet doors and to practically mount the handles. 3-Head Minifix Jig is specifically used by professional workshops for mass producing the large closets with a CNC ease. Multi Function Jig Set is used for fastening connectors, hinges, handles and for drilling holes for shelving and also for easily producing and assembling drawer slides. Sablon jigs bring a complete innovative and practical perspective to labor and machine intensive hole drilling process for much valuable use of time and money. They are produced to drill holes for separate functions to make cabinets, closets and like other various projects. Sablon jigs are simple, fast and accurate allowing any woodworker to build their own projects easily. They are definitely musts for the toolboxes in every workshop – professional or amateur. Carpenters and hobbiers only need to drill holes and complete the assembly process for quick and efficient production.


Cabinet making Project can now very easy by using Sablon Cabinet Making Multi Function Jigs set.The set includes 7 different functions for cabinet making and designed for 3/4 “ (18-19)mm wood & panels. These seven different functions are, drilling for, minifix, rafix, dowel, hinges, drawer slides, shelving and handle & pull holes.

Set consists of ;
1 master jig for minifix & rafix and dowel
4 jigs for hinge, handle&pull,shelving and drawer slide
6 self centering drill bits, 3mm-5mm-5mm-15mm-20mm-35mm
4 drill bits 5mm – 8mm -8mm -10 mm
2 drill bit stop collars 8mm -10 mm
2 shelving indexing pins
2 plexi measuremet apparatus
1 plexi extension piece for rafix 20 system with ridge

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